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We are living today in a world vastly different and changing faster  than that I have personally have ever known. We are in a time that we have more information thrown at us in any given moment  that we can ever absorb  and we are as people  dumber and less informed generally than ever before. Responsible for this of course, is the internet and  it is alarming to realize that the now generation and  that next in line are becoming automatons, totally incapable of comunicating eye to eye , face to face and  utilizing their  thumbs to remain in contact with others in their world. No verbal intercourse .Not only is this sad, it is also a grave and dangerous circumstance that most young folks should be made fully aware of.

To make a point, if I may. Two weeks ago, we went to a football camp at a major big ten  university. Over 600 juniors and high school seniors from all parts of country showed up to show their athletic prowess. They were informed that all 14 scholarships were already  given out at this time but if any of the attendees were accepted to the university they could compete as walkons for the team.

Most all of these in attendance were exemplary young men with great academic scores. well qualified  but all were at heart in love with football and the thrill of playing in that league
It was an experience for me as a grandfather to see my grandson compete and he plays more than well. That being said we all walked away from there far more impressed  with the final speech made by the head coach than the camp itself..He directed his words to the boys and the subject was the Face book and Twitter and   how singularly dangerous the use of same could be to these young people lives in the future.

He was remarkably candid when he mentioned that when he was in high school  he did things without aforethought as most teenagers do,  but  said there was no record of this behavior on Face book or Twitter  or any video.They did not exist He emphasized  that had any of these childish acts, none of great seriousness,been known,  he would not now be the head coach  of that team. He stressed more than once that anything  that goes on the net stays there forever and can be searched and resurrected at will by anyone including  a future employer.
The camp was nice but his message was right to the point and  many young men walked away, with a warning  that there are consequences to consider in this  media world.

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